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“Don’t do your own electrical work”

This warning from Workplace Health and Safety Electrical Safety Office Workers’ Compensation Regulator is explicit and clear enough. But in case you still want to be your own residential electrician, know this – 96% of people electrocuted in the period of 2009-2010 were “non-electrical workers or general public”, according to the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council. Whether these victims survived or not is beside the point. Doing your own electrical work is also a violation of the Electrical Safety Act 2002.

This underlines two things – accidents and violations. Both of which are neither safe nor pretty.

So if you really need a new electrical equipment hooked up, or the electrical wiring fixed, hire residential electrical contractors.

TFT Electrical offers commercial and residential electrical services, delivered by highly trained and licensed electricians. Apart from the usual installation, repair and maintenance services, they also work on complex jobs to make your life easy. TFT Electrical is your go-to, reliable residential electrician Perth has today.

Why hire residential electrical contractors for the simple wiring jobs?

The simple answer is “for safety reasons”.

Getting electrical work done on your home should not be taken lightly. Cutting corners is a major no-no. Not with your safety at stake. And even the simplest wiring jobs have been known to fail, so hiring a qualified residential electrician ensures the job is done right the first time.

Besides, there’s nothing really so simple where electricity is concerned. Replacing outlets and receptacles, for instance, are easy enough to do, but the factor of thousands of volts in play makes the entire work hazardous. The sense to turn the main power line off will save you, but only if you remember you’re supposed to.

Benefits of using residential electrical contractors

The long and short of it, leave the professionals to it. Besides, there are plenty of benefits to hiring residential electrical services from the pros.

Spare yourself the hassle of trying to figure it out

Which wire goes with what? Ground wiring – what’s that for again? In electrical work, “go figure” doesn’t figure into any of it. If you’re looking at a poorly designed circuit and wiring, and see it as exactly that, spare yourself the trouble. Even if you have knowledge of basic wiring, spare yourself from fines and possible imprisonment by not violating the rules on electrical work.

Keep living and nonliving things safe

The wrong amperage delivered to electronic devices can fry it. When delivered to you, it won’t even matter if it’s the right or wrong amperage, it will just be a disaster. Worse, you’ll be part of the statistics.

Save cost with residential electrical services

Yes, it’s easy to think that cost of labour, materials and whatnot can add up to an amount that is enough to keep you from hiring professionals. But is scrimping on professional services really worth the risk? What’s a few dollars saved up if you wind up in the hospital? But if you really think about, hiring a professional electrician will save you 3 to 4 times as much than if you would do electrical work yourself.

Contractors work with vendors who provides high-quality materials at a low cost. So that’s cost of materials out of the way. Professional fees, on the other hand, are given to you straight up, so you know exactly how much you’re going to pay for. It’s also a one-time payment, with the job done right the first time. But the biggest cost-saving is being spared from paying fines, which can cost up to $40,000.

Legal guarantees

When you hire professional residential electrical services, you also get a legal guarantee that any electrical work around your home is legal and in compliance with the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and the Electricity Licensing Regulation 1991 of Western Australia, which specifies that only licensed electrical workers can carry out electrical works.

The license that electrical contractors carry is also proof that they have the full capacity to do their job and do it right. Because, if their credentials fell short, they won’t have a license issued by the Electrical Licensing Board. They are licensed to handle electrical works. Period.

The list of benefits can go on and on. But one thing is certain, you won’t go wrong with professional residential electrician.

The difference between a shoddy and superior electrical workmanship

The level of quality that a team of residential electrical contractors offer.

Shoddy is equivalent to a messy job site and an even messier work, both of which spell disasters. Wires dangling all over the place while an electrician is up on a ladder is an accident waiting to happen. Clichéd as it may sound, but anyone could trip on those wires and break a bone or two. Jumbled cables and a confusing network of wires are no different.

A professional residential electrician will cringe at the sight of that, and they appreciate the value of keeping a job site neat and their utility box well organised. It’s the best way to work systematically, properly and efficiently. Sloppy is not in their vocabulary, and they will never subject you to substandard or unprofessional work.

TFT Electrical Specializations

Electricians often specialise in a specific area, making them experts in their chosen field. Residential electrician Perth from TFT Electrical is no different. They offer professional work on a wide range of projects, using state-of-the-art equipment, and following the best industry practices and high standards of quality control. Whether it’s a simple or complex electrical work, TFT electrical can deliver to the highest level of expectations and customer satisfaction.

Electrical installations

Whether you need small to large residential electrical jobs, TFT Electrical can provide you quality residential electrical services. Providing a diverse range of electrical works, you can trust them to carry out an electrical panel upgrade and ceiling fan installation with the same level of professionalism and high standards of quality control. No job is too small or too big.

Lighting design and installation

Did you know that installation of indoor and outdoor light fittings requires careful planning and appropriate design? Yes, there’s more to it than sticking a bulb to wherever it seems to work. Lighting design and installation is both a science and art that professionals can deliver with illuminating efficiency and wonder.

New home installations

Designing and installing electrical systems during the construction of your dream home allows for residential electrical contractors to work within the architectural parameters and ensure a fully working, efficient and practical electrical systems.

New home renovations

Make the most of home renovations with up-to-date electrical solutions. Whether safety checks or moving electrical wiring, TFT Electrical can handle the job. Having a residential electrician on site before any renovation starts, will also ensure a safe working environment for everyone.

Telephone and data cabling

Apart from being a reliable residential electrician Perth, TFT Electrical is also a registered provider of Perth phone installation services. From mapping an optical cable to ensuring a clean transmission, they can handle any job related to telephone and data cabling.

Air conditioning

The right type of air conditioning unit that that suits the needs of a particular space will not only ensure a room’s level of comfort, but energy efficiency as well. This requires careful calculation of a room’s cooling capacity based on its size. Something that residential electrical contractors know exactly what to do.

Digital antennas

TFT Electrical has a crack installation team that has years of experience with TV antenna installation. Combined with expert skills and knowledge, they’re more than capable of providing a wide range of digital antenna options, and TV aerial repairs and upgrades. Not sure what to choose? Talk to them. They will be more than happy to help you out.

Home theatre installation

The best home theatre has all the necessary equipment hooked up, and working to the optimum level. A residential electrician specialising in home theatre installation can handle a myriad of installation and electrical works that will make your entertainment centre the envy of everyone. Whether you need a surround sound wiring for a single room, or a distributed audio visual system for your entire home, TFT Electrical provides the residential electrical services you need and more. They design and install home entertainment solutions according to your budget, without compromising quality components.

Safety checks

Frayed wires can cause electrocution or start a fire. A mislaid wire or incorrect wiring can lead to major disasters. Antiquated electrical wiring may not be able to handle huge energy consumption or a power surge. Residential electrical safety checks ensure that the entire electrical system in your home is working properly with no signs problems whatsoever. Systematic and rigorous checks will help uncover dysfunctions before they spark major electrical problems.

Real estate maintenance

TFT Electrical offers landlords and facility managers the electrical services that cover installation, electrical checks, compliance adherence and more. They also offer power saving strategies to improve a property’s energy efficiency and reduce power consumption, which, in turn, reduce utility bills.

The TFT Electrical Guarantee

TFT Electrical is committed to providing you with superior electrical workmanship. As a full-licensed Grade A commercial and residential electrician Perth, they offer high-quality and efficient installation, maintenance and advice on electrical jobs. A team of highly trained and licensed residential electrical contractors delivers services using the best practices and highest standards of quality control in the industry.

TFT Electrical also has a legal guarantee that professional electricians are duly licensed by the Electrical Licensing Board, validating their qualifications and giving them the authority to plan, design, install and maintain electrical systems for both residential and commercial projects. This is in compliance with the Electricity of Licensing Regulation 1991 in Western Australia.


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