About our quality electrical services in Perth

If you’re in need of quality electrical services in Perth or in and around the metropolitan area, don’t look any further than Western Australia’s premier electrical team, TFT Electrical.

We provide fully licensed Grade A electricians always ready to meet the specific needs of customers at all times, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial contracts.

Our reputed team of top quality electricians are always on hand to provide impeccable electrical services for our clients. Whether it happens to be installing lighting equipment, configuring the latest home theatre system or even large scale commercial electrical integration systems, we don’t consider any job to be arbitrary or too complex.

Impeccable Electrical Safety Standards

Here at TFT Electrical, we have always been committed to providing our customers an ever increasingly diverse range of electrical services with speed, honesty and reliability.

We adhere to all national safety standards, using a code of practice that helps to diminish potential safety risks during both standard and complex electrical work.

As a priority,  TFT Electrical provides top quality installation and maintenance work. During jobs, our experienced and professional electrical experts are always on hand to offer you first class advice on any query regarding electrical topics or equipment.

Commercial, Residential and Industrial Electrical Experts

In Perth, TFT Electrical is one of the leading providers of residential electrical services, commercial electrical services and even industrial electrical services. It doesn’t matter the size or scope of the job – contact us to discuss your needs with one of our highly trained experts.

Commercial Electrical Services

TFT Electrical  provides ongoing maintenance packages for property managers, retail centers and commercial properties. These packages include regular check-ups can save considerable operations costs. Our commercial services also include outdoor electrical maintenance, parking lot lighting maintenance, and telecommunications cabling. Some of our more popular services include:

  • Parking lot light installation and maintenance: we install and maintain outdoor poles, and make sure you have plenty of lights to keep your property secure.
  • Surge protection systems: lightning is the most common form of a Transient Voltage Surge (TVSS). It only takes one surge to permanently damage sensitive electronics: a Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) will protect your equipment from unexpected power spikes.
  • Landscape lighting: we can handle everything, from illuminating customer walkways to helping your property stand out at night, efficiently.
  • Commercial fuse replacements: the breaker boxes in commercial buildings are far more complex than residential ones. We can expertly replace blown fuses and breakers, or even relocate existing boxes.

Residential Electrical Services

Using TFT Electrical maintenance, repair or upgrade packages will allow families to enjoy the comfort of a safe and reliable home. For emergencies, we provide 24-hour emergency service with immediate response by a licensed and insured master electrician.

Does your house have old wiring? We can evaluate your current electrical system and offer solutions that provide worthwhile energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Need a lighting upgrade? New, energy efficient lighting and lighting controls may include timers, occupancy sensors, and plenty more – our team can advise you on the perfect configuration for your home.

Industrial Electrical Services

TFT Electrical specializes in providing quality industrial electrical services in Perth. Whether it’s a simple service call, equipment installation, full plant relocation or an energy efficient modernization, we can provide quality electrical services you can trust. Our industrial electrical services include:

  • Plant modernization and energy management
  • Industrial wiring and maintenance
  • Programmable controllers
  • Electrical equipment rentals
  • 24 hour service

Electrical Testing Services in Perth

Electrical testing is necessary to ensure fluid operations without electrical malfunctions. Common problems that tend to get overlooked range from hot power points, flickering lights, or perhaps sparking when plugging in appliances.

TFT Electrical provides testing services for many such important yet often neglected electrical configuration issues. If a problem is identified during the testing process, our team of expert electricians will immediately repair it and put preventative measures in place, so that it does not flare up again.

For those who may have any concerns regarding existing electrical infrastructure, we invite you to take advantage of our quality electrical testing services.

We offer a complete range of electrical product safety testing, inspection and certification of your products and systems, all of which meet or exceed national regulatory standards.

The Leading Electrical Service Provider in Perth

Our experts here at TFT Electrical are happy to offer you and all our customers advice on various Perth electrical services. From the initial design stage right through to completion, we will look to work with your developers, designers and other parties with efficiency and precision.

Our staff are trained to the highest possible standard and we believe in regularly giving the most up to date training in ever changing regulations, state of the art technology and product development expertise which allows you, the customer to reap the benefits.

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All of our electricians use a Code of Practice and strict Safety Regulations to minimize Health and Safety Risks which are present during a normal electrical installation.

Environment & Sustainability

TFT Electrical installs a massive range of Energy Efficient Products like Fans, Lights, Electric Hot Water Systems, TV and Energy Efficient Lighting Control Systems like Clipsal C-Bus or Dali


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